I teach international development to build students’ critical understandings to be theoretically informed and empirically grounded, and thereby to better recognize and prioritize challenges, identify root causes, and pursue and evaluate potential solutions.

My teaching emphasizes diverse materials and methods, including writings by various scholars, advocates and people with different backgrounds. I seek to advance understanding by bridging disciplines, approaches, topics and languages. To foster conversations across Africa I am also developing versions of my courses in Portuguese and French.



San José State University

2019, Geography of Africa, Upper Division (Geography 168), syllabus  

2019, Geography of International Development, Upper Division (Geography 115), syllabus  


Chabot College

2019, Introduction to Physical Geography, Lower Division (Geography 1), syllabus


University of California, Berkeley

2015, Global Environmental Politics, Upper-Division (Geography 138),  syllabus  


University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Student Instructor, International and Area Studies Department

2013, Development in Theory and History, Upper Division (Development Studies 100)

2007, Introduction to Development, Lower Division (Development Studies 10)

2007, Development in Theory and History, Upper Division (Development Studies 100)


Courses Prepared to Teach:

    • Global Environmental Issues
    • Geography of Africa
    • Introduction to Human Geography
    • Global Geography
    • Geographic Theory
    • Geography of World Food and Agriculture
    • Geography of the State and Corruption
    • Introduction to GIS
    • Introduction to International Development
    • International Development Theory
    • Resources and Development
    • Politics of Resources and Development
    • Environment and Development
    • Political Economy of African Development
    • History of Colonial Africa
    • Contemporary African History
    • Agrarian Studies
    • Agro-Ecology
    • Research Methods
    • Rural Development