Mapping Resources

Below are some websites related to maps of and mapping in Africa. Many of these maps are available because they are older – they are often partly products of the circulation of knowledge amidst imperialism and colonialism. With these maps’ still relatively heavy size in megabytes, and given disparities in internet access, the challenge remains for a more bottom-up popular and critical cartography for social justice.

An excellent chapter on Indigenous Mapmaking in Intertropical Africa

Counter-Mapping brief overview and bibliography project

American Geographical Society at UWM

Harvard’s Digital Map Collection and AfricaMap

Yale’s Beinecke Collection

France’s National Library Digital Colllection Gallica

Portugal’s National Library

The British Library Online Maps

The David Rumsey Map Library 

Columbia’s Maps and Power in Modern African History

Northwestern University Maps of Africa


One Project’s Maps of Africa

Columbia Maps

Slave Voyages

Michigan State

Stanford Collection

My Old Maps

Infrastructure Maps



From top to bottom: Lukasa, Lukasa legend, 1389 Chinese Amalgamated Map (including Africa), Egyptian cadastral map c.1300 BC, and Lukala Wall Map c. 1898.